Stone’s Rock & Sabine



Since her childhood, dancing is playing a big role in Sabine’s live. In the early adulthood, her passion was only Jazz & Modern Dance, later, in the early 30s she joined as well other dances and came in that case to the salsa scene. In 2012, while sabine was visiting many dance festivals, she discovered Kizomba and it became clear pretty quickly, this sensual dance is her new love from now on. She was totally addicted from the first minute she saw and experienced Kizomba dance.

In 2013, she became a founder of the first Kizomba Community in her home town Kassel, named “Kizomba Kassel & Friends”, which is now constantly growing and expanding. At the same time, together with some friends and teachers from the neighborhood, she started holding classes here too and sharing her passion for this dance.

Stone’s Rock

Born in Cameroon, where music, and dance act inseparable and are deeply rooted in the everyday consciousness of the people Stone’s has moved for years between different African dances and rhythms, which do have similarities with each other, but differ in traditions and influences of the region.

Surrounded by international good teachers and choreographers, his early passion for Kizomba, Afrobeat, Kuduro, other African dances, and thus his musical ear has developed very fast in cameroon. Since his train to Europe, his teaching and dancing skills near famous German and international artists have even more pronounced and refined.





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About Muxima

Epic week with lots of Kizomba, Semba, Afro and Kuduro

After the successful first edition of Muxima Kizomba Festival, Kizomba D’santos India is set for the 2nd edition happening in May 2019.

First edition was the bomb, 2nd edition is going to be the atomic bomb because the Artist line up is gonna be lit with the best of the best in Kizomba World.

The first of its kind, 100% Kizomba festival in India is organized by Navi Gaur and Team Kizomba D’Santos India. Anyone can throw a party, event or festival, however, we not only host a festival but create a family atmosphere so that everybody feel like at home and of course there’s no compromise with in-depth learning and crazy parties. If you want to know what we are talking about then book your pass now and witness the madness by yourself. We promise that you will be waiting eagerly for next edition 200%.

So book your calendar as you don’t want to miss this epic week with lots of Kizomba, Semba, Afro and Kuduro. Wait…not only that, we have separate room for Salsa & Bachata lovers to enjoy night parties for 4 nights.