MUXIMA 2019 Artists

Learn & Party with the Best of the Best in Kizomba World!

Manuel Dos Santos aka Dr. Kizomba & Flavie Merise

Manuel Dos Santos, a.k.a. Dr. Kizomba is the founder of Kizomba Canada, the first Kizomba school in North America. He is one of the most sought-after Kizomba teachers.

Dino Da Cruz & Eliza Sala

Dino da Cruz is the director of Nossa Kizomba Amsterdam festival . He was born in Luanda, 1976) is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher specializing in Afrodance, Kizomba, semba , Lockin’.

Stone’s Rock & Sabine

Since her childhood, dancing is playing a big role in Sabine’s live. In the early adulthood, her passion was only Jazz & Modern Dance, later, in the early 30s she joined as well other dances.

Zé Casimiro Branco

Zé is director of Darwin Kizomba Fever, established in 2015 with the dream to spread and grow awareness of this beautiful dance called Kizomba. The group delivered the first regular Kizomba.

Alice Lee | A.K.A. "DJ AL"

Hailing from cosmopolitan Singapore, Alice Lee packs a ton of drive and passion in her petite frame. Since discovering and falling in love with Kizomba in 2014, she has been working…

Vineeth & Tina

They are running their school at Bangalore as Vin’s Dance Co having background of various type of dances latin and others for many years. Now they are mostly promoting kizomba culture…

Elvis Mascarenhas & Namrata Wittke

Sorry guys you have so much achievements in your bio that it will fill up all of our wall with it. We are proud of you and your passion for dance and winning so many trophies on National .

Amrita M Rao aka Amy

She is performing, choreographing kizomba since 2014 and in latin scene since 2011. In 2016, she formed her team Amyteurs and the main focus is the awareness of this beautiful dance

Mithesh & Etishree Raut

They are based at Hyderabad and running successfully their organization as Alma Bailando. Trained in Afro-Latin forms, known for authentic style in Kizomba, Semba & unique.

Natalie Tatarinova

Then after moving to Thailand in 2006, fell in love with Argentine Tango  became a member of the Argentine Tango Group based in Philippines – “Los Compadritos Y Compadritas Academia De Tango”,

Suraj Verma

He runs a dance school where he teaches different dance forms such as salsa, bachata, kizomba. Suraj has competed in many festivals and was the top 3 finalists in Asia championship thrice.





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About Muxima

Epic week with lots of Kizomba, Semba, Afro and Kuduro

After the successful first edition of Muxima Kizomba Festival, Kizomba D’santos India is set for the 2nd edition happening in May 2019.

First edition was the bomb, 2nd edition is going to be the atomic bomb because the Artist line up is gonna be lit with the best of the best in Kizomba World.

The first of its kind, 100% Kizomba festival in India is organized by Navi Gaur and Team Kizomba D’Santos India. Anyone can throw a party, event or festival, however, we not only host a festival but create a family atmosphere so that everybody feel like at home and of course there’s no compromise with in-depth learning and crazy parties. If you want to know what we are talking about then book your pass now and witness the madness by yourself. We promise that you will be waiting eagerly for next edition 200%.

So book your calendar as you don’t want to miss this epic week with lots of Kizomba, Semba, Afro and Kuduro. Wait…not only that, we have separate room for Salsa & Bachata lovers to enjoy night parties for 4 nights.